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Confidence: Your Best Accessory
By:  Shanitria N. Kittrell 

Confidence walks into a room, and demands the center of attention. It does so skillfully, methodically, and oh so gracefully. It utters not a word to announce its arrival, but like a positive magnet attracts to a negative, eyes are glued to it in wonder and astonishment.  


Confidence has an illumination that shines brightly from the inside out, it never boasts about its capabilities, because it’s assured in the results of its performance. 


Confidence is courageous, strong, and determined. It’s not afraid to speak up on behalf of those who are broken, neither is it hesitant to reach out to those who are in need of encouragement.


Confidence understands that it may have to face and endure many fights that lie ahead, but it does so with the understanding that victory in the battle is already a success.  Judgment, criticism, and bias opinions are some of the negativities that 


Confidence will face; however it is resilient in the midst of adversity, because of the genetic makeup of its DNA.  Fearful, Wonderful, and Extraordinary are some good characteristic traits to summarize who Confidence is. 


Are you curious, intrigued, and wondering who this Confidence is? 


Well just take a look in the mirror, and look deep into your soul, and introduce yourself to Confidence, she has been with you all along. 

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