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Speaking to the Minds, Hearts, and Spirits of Our Sisters 

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Uplifting My Sisters  was founded in October 2010  by Vonnie Judge. The organization's vision embodies her passion to not only inspire, but to produce as many great success stories in every community the organization reached.Through educational programs and motivational events, the organization has proudly served as the launching pad supporting its members in becoming businesses and community leaders.

After an extended absence, Vonnie has stepped back into the executive director chair in 2023 to do it again.  We hope that you will join and support her and our organization's efforts.

We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission

Our Mission

 Educate, encourage, and empower girls and women to achieve their personal and professional goals in communities across the globe.

Our Founder

Vonnie Judge is a proud St. John High School Islander who graduated in 2004 from College of Charleston with a BS Accounting degree. Vonnie Judge has assisted in managing small to large companies including Centex Home Team in Charlotte, NC.  Now, she is an entrepreneur building her own portfolio of businesses.


Her passion is helping others to achieve their personal and professional goals show in all that she do.

Our Mission

A Special Message to Girls

Have you ever heard that you are were made of Sugar and Spice plus everything Nice?

This cliche has been going around for years about girls.


There is nothing wrong with being Sweet and Nice, but the truth is you have extraordinary amazing POWER... You have the Rock-Star Power to be Brilliantly Bold Beauties!


With Great Power comes Great Responsibilities for yourself, family, and communities.

Now GO and...

Boldly pursuit your incredibly complex life-changing dreams. When it seems impossible, strengthen your Bold confidence by knowing that you already have the Power to achieve them.

Now Go and...

Show your Brillant Mind in any scope of work that your heart desires. Never fear or limit your Brilliant thinking to please others. You will discover that your Brilliance only intimidates those who don't think enough of you, so never allow their limited perceptions of you to ever be your problem. 


After all, you have plenty to see and do so keep your Brilliant Mind focused on achieving amazing goals that inspire many.

Now Go and...


Discover your often overlooked power of your Inner Beauty. Beauty is a mysterious force where many certainly focus on the outer Beauty. However, you will soon recognize that the most captivating Beauty is when your inner Beauty effortlessly outshines your outer Beauty.

Now Go and.


Don't let Anything or Anyone stop You from being the Best Expression of You! 

Keep Rising Strong My  Sisters!!

- Vonnie Judge 

School Kids
Our Mission
Perfect Harmony

A Special Message to Women

Dear Sisters,


Life’s journey can be like an intense rollercoaster ride with sharply twisting roads filled with unexpected moments, which could either make or break the mind, heart, and spirit of a woman. Facing life’s uncertainties can often leave her wondering whether reaching her life’s destiny is even possible.


Sisters, I am here to tell you that HE makes the Impossible POSSIBLE. But, you must first choose to either recognize the Beauty that was Birthed out of your Pain or bitterly overlook the rest of life’s scenic views.

Sisters, I am also truly thankfully God is so wise to bless women to have Sisters Uplifting them to focus on his divine destiny for their lives.


Uplifting Sisters who will remind her sisters that the roads less traveled are often enriched with more priceless treasures to shape their characters, rebuild their confidence, and strengthen their wisdom to endure life’s challenges.


Uplifting Sisters who only desire to uplift the minds, hearts, and spirits of her Sisters, so they can all reach their divine destinies.


With Many Prayers,

- Vonnie Judge

Speaking to the Minds, Hearts, and Spirits of  Our Sisters

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