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Fashionable Woman

Fashion Speaks Louder Than Words 
By Shuvona Rembert-Spann

Whether red carpet ready or boardroom dominance, your fashion statement must reflect the Super Star you are in EVERY way. Your fashion is always “ON”.


It is entertaining someone, no matter who the audience may be and speaks louder than any word you could ever utter.


Your “way” & your “style”: Your approach to your way of dress will have a direct effect on how you walk, talk and enter any room.


It is also a direct reflection of you; the confidence in your appearance and level of success in life.


The manor of ‘style’ in which you deliver, comes in to the equation when you are recognized for that signature ‘look’, seen by your everyday or mainstream audiences. Ex: The “Oprah” (hair), The Jackie O, The Marylyn Monroe .


These women all have signature styles and or looks and when you visualize or see each one, you immediately think on what they were and are, about. You too, must possess that same signature ‘style’ of dress, when someone says your name or when you enter a room.


It has to ‘say’, what you represent. -The way you dress can be traditional. The style in which you dress, is always memorable.


 Fashion is more than fabric draped on a hanger or sashaying down a runway in Paris or New York.


It is a story.


It is your story. ...


And it speaks louder than words. 


 Imagine that the reality of your life turns out to be a lie.

    Tracy Washington's story

The Power of Class, Confidence & Courage

By Jennifer C. Cook 





Yvette Green of Planet

Marketing shares a new income stream in a company with more than 25 years of experience. 

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