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Building A Successful Team
By  Vonnie Judge

Whether you are planning on achieving success in winning a competition or parenting a successful child, you need to have a great team that is focused on the same goal. The support of your team will help you achieve more without over exerting one person.


The same concept is true when building a team for your business. In order to have success, select individuals who are focused on achieving the same goal in a professional manner.

Here are some quick tips in building a successful team:



1. Establish a clear vision & direction.

When everyone on your team understands the goal and plan, the possibility of achieving the task is greater. This will help build unity for your team.


2. Know your team players.

In selecting your team players, it is not only important to know their strengths, weaknesses, and skills, it is critical that they have the personality to work as a team player. Having too many strong personalities alone can negatively control the success of the team and outcome of the project.


3. Be Flexible.

Learn that everything will not always go as planned, so be willing to adjust. If you have to adjust the responsibilities of a team member to accomplish your goal, then do so. Remember that flexibility is a solution to avoiding frustration and failure in reaching your goal.


Building a success team today requires practice, so start today! 



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