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Book Club to Provoke Discussion of Discrimination Faced by Youth In Hopes of ‘Bringing Unity in the

March 2013 Uplifting My Sisters

Some may think discrimination is an older generation issue but it’s disguised by a new term called ‘bullying.’ Youth today are bullied today because of their race, gender, social status, or even sexual orientation.

-Vonnie Judge

Press Release

Uplifting My Sisters partners with Christ Gospel Church of Charleston to inspire girls between the ages of 11 to 18 to recognize that they are The King’s Daughters as explained in Diana Hagee’s book.

This nine week mentorship program will encourage the young ladies to distinguish themselves from social standards in order to build strong, elite leadership characteristics and moral values while enhancing their divine gifts and cultural experiences.

Our keynote speaker, Raven Magwood, is an author, motivational speaker, former gymnastic champion, state titleholder in track and field and will graduate from college this winter at the age of 19. When asked about all of her success, Raven humbly replies, “When you’re dedicated to something you love, determined to work hard, and disciplined to plan how you’ll get there, then you can achieve success.”

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Speaking to the Minds, Hearts, and Spirits of  Our Sisters

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